About Us

is the official business development partner of leading companies in Defense, Energy, ICT and PPE’s industry.

Our company’s commercial activities are focused in the supply of Information and Telecommunications products, system instrumentations, Energy sector,  military defense systems, security equipment, commercial fire vehicles and protective products.

As Turk Tech Supplies, we pride ourselves in the success and excellence we have achieved in all our ventures  as we continue our organic  growth to becoming a conglomerate Company. We believe success stems from our business philosophy that “great things are achieved through great partnerships, cooperation, mutual respect and harmony.“ Our organization has made a name for itself in import and export by earning the respect of its trusted partners.

The success that we have achieved today is as a result of the great works carried out in partnership with many manufacturers and foreign trade companies in two continents.

Turk Tech Supplies thrives on principles that  provides the ultimate goods and services and understands the importance of reliability , quality and honesty that are  favorable for both public institutions,  blue chip companies, NGOs and Private entities.