PLATFORM SIMULATORS - M-DCSIM Mobile Damage Control Simulator


  • Plan, execute and evaluate different scenarios under different conditions (i.e. pressurized water, smoke, light/sound effects),
  • Measure and decrease crew’s response time under smoke, flooding conditions,
  • Evaluate crew’s performances,
  • Develop the ability to brief, execute, debrief and critique damage control exercises,
  • Observe, record and replay trainings through CCTV system.


Based on the user requirements the M-DCSIM has the required compartment design and is easy to transport and install; provides the training capability in different locations; provides a realistic training environment to develop and conduct exercises as part of damage control readiness and in accordance with the internationally recognized commercial and naval standards, and has unique features that are increasing the effectiveness of the training, operational efficiency and maintainability.


Thanks to the state of the art and fail-safe design of the system, M-DCSIM provides a safe training environment with adjustable and controllable difficulty levels. The design of the system allows command and control of the simulator and the trainings in a user-friendly manner. The software and the safety systems operate in a full compliance to provide a safe environment for damage control trainings under pressurized water and heavy environmental conditions like smoke, light and sound effects.

M-DCSIM is built in accordance with the current international safety directives, the Regulations for Prevention of Accidents.