Fiber Optic Based Acoustic Sensing System

With new fiber optic technology in this system, a single fiber optic cable can be converted into a very sensitive security monitoring system, which can be used for intrusion detection in wide areas, along fences or even along underground pipelines.

This fiber optic security system works on a simple but very accurate concept. The system constantly emits laser beams through the fiber cable, reaching the end sensor. The systems keeps monitoring the flow of the signal through the fiber cable and detects any disturbance that might occur. The idea of using light beams as sensors is the best in history, because not only is it extremely fast but also extremely sensitive. In other words, any intruder walking, climbing a fence, digging the ground or passing in a car within the protected area would produce vibrations strong enough to affect the fiber cable and the signal within it.

Fiber optic security systems can detect any intrusion in the protected area with 10 meters accuracy. Besides, the system can be calibrated to yield for regular traffic, working machinery or authorized maintenance in certain spots. Eventually, all alarms and reports are stored on the system as exportable data, which can be monitored and managed through a web-based user interface.

Using fiber optic cables in security systems is proven to be the most advance security systems and the most practical because they can be installed along pipelines, borders or fences that are hundreds of kilometers long.

FOTAS Application Types

With FOTAS SL-50 a quite large variety of activities can be detected remotely along a fiber line, such as the below applications:

1-       Environmental and Border Security

    A detection fiber can detect unauthorized excavations, when laid on the ground; and it can detect climbing and damage attempts when mounted along a wire-fence.

2-       Pipeline Safety

    When deployed a long an oil, natural gas or water pipeline, FOTAS SL-50 can detect leakage, leakage, sabotage and unauthorized excavations.

3-      Telecom Line Security

    Damages along communication lines can be monitored in-real time and any unauthorized excavations can be easily detected.

 The advanced FOTAS artificial intelligence allows the detection of multiple events, and offers a wide range of application areas.

FOTAS Application Areas

  •  Industrial, Residential and Commercial Sites Security
  • Oil, Natural Gas and Water Pipelines
  • Military, Public and Private Facilities Security
  • Airports, Railways and Highways Security
  • Power Plants Security
  • Border Security
  • Security of Mining Enterprises